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Taking an Hp Apart Today

Stage 1
Shut your HP notebook down, unplug its cord and remove all add-ons.

Measure 2
Release built up static electricity .

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Measure 3
Put a gentle material on an area that is flat. Shut the show cell of your notebook computer and set it upside down on the fabric.

Measure 4
Take away or screws in the battery cover using a Phillips screw-driver. Push the locking tabs and lift the assembly out.

Measure 5
Take away in the hard disk cover using a Phillips screw-driver and lift the cover off. Disconnect the cable which links the hard disk to the CPU board, if appropriate, and slip the push from its own fresh.

Measure 6
Take away the screws that fasten storage component cell and the battery. Lift the cell off and take away segments and the battery.

Measure 7
Take away using a Phillips screw-driver. All these are located in a few or all the next areas: the two sides of the underside of your notebook computer, right in the area, in the storage element bay and beneath the middle of the keypad.

Measure 8
Turn the notebook over. Utilizing a flathead screw-driver, pry off the flange’s top segment. Here is the bit that is nearest to the show cell.

Measure 9
Take away the top keyboard screws, that can be found over the “F” tips.

Measure 10
Raise the keyboard sufficient to show its thread cable link to the CPU board. Raise the flap and gently draw the cable in the motherboard socket in the event the ribbon cable is fastened using a flap. Press and hold in the tabs as you take the cable in the outlet in the event the connecter functions securing tabs. Lift the keypad out.

Measure 11
Find the directed panel outlet, which can be branded, on the mother board. Take the connecter by means of your thumb and index finger and carefully disconnect the cable which connects the CPU board and the light emitting diode panel. Do identical for two antenna contacts, power-button, web camera, the video screen and touch-pad, if appropriate.

Measure 12
Take away with a Phillips screw-driver from the depends of the show panel. Support the the cell with your free-hand when the final screw is removed from dropping to stop it.

Measure 13
Lift the top cover assembly off and disconnect the cables that link sound jacks, electricity port and the hardware locations to the CPU board.

Measure 14
Take away in the CPU board using a Phillips screw-driver. Utilize your hands fingers to carefully raise the CPU board in the notebook situation.

Measure 15
Take away from the lover or cooling system assembly of your Hewlett-Packard, disconnect its energy connection and raise it from the notebook situation.

Measure 16
Put cooling system assemblage or your lover in the lap top situation, tighten its screws and plug-in its strength connection.

Measure 17
Re-assemble your Hewlett-Packard by following steps 4 backwards sequence.

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