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Pick Apart a mens ring

This week I am going to look inside a mens ring. Why? Tungsten is becoming increasing popular as a choice for wedding rings and there is a lot of extra ordinary claims that merchants seem to be making at the moment about the durability and utility of the component, so I thought is worth putting all of this to a test.

I secured a cheap ring of ebay for the test although I have seen the same ring retail at other places for a lot more not sure if they are of any different quality going by the price. This is a strong ring made out of tungsten carbide and has a carbon fiber inlay. The ring is steel gray in color.

Components of this ring

Metal outer Shell

Polished secondary inner band

Inlay made of carbon fiber strip

Tungsten rings are said to be strong and scratch proof however having got my hands on one I feel this is not really as indestructible as they say it is. There are differing claims that say tungsten is the strongest while others say that tungsten shatters or crumbles too easy. I had to test this for myself. First I dropped the ring on to a carpeted floor nothing happened.

Second I took a file and started to rub hard against the edge of the ring and amazingly there wasnt a scratch so I persisted and kept going increasing my force and pressure but lo and behold after a couple of minutes of full brutal force there was absolutely no scratch. So I can agree to the claims that tungsten is virtually scratch proof.

Next part of the testing was to use a pair of forceps to probe into the carbon fiber inlay and immediately scratches were visible. After a bit more of probing and pricking the whole carbon fiber strip which appears to be a very thin layer popped out. This was indeed a surprise, a shocking one as I expected tungsten rings to be of good quality. It really didnt take much at all to get the strip out so one really wonders how this can be used as jewellery especially something you wear everyday like a ring. To be fair though this may not have happened if the ring did not have the inlay.

Next I drop the ring from a height to a non carpeted, vinly floor with a wooden base. Same result, nothing major. Now I get a bit more adventorous and drop this on to a tile floor nothing happens. I had already seen a video on you tube that tungsten can shatter so was expecting it.Well in my case it didnt, so I try throw it down harder, on to the tile floor and lo and behold, its smashed into bits as these guys did sliding off the stair rails.





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