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op 5 – Computer Gadgets You Must Have

for years the way we interact with  computers was with a mouse and a  keyboard then we got touched and some  stylus but I just came across something  really interesting.

I don’t know anything  about it but my friend gur Dave from HP  is going to help explain it creative  what what is this machine here it seems  really really cool I don’t really  understand what’s going on here the best  way for me to describe it to you it’s a  whole new way of interacting with  technology.

I don’t consider a new  computer I consider new computing  platform what that means actually you  got cameras built in here you got a  touch mount here you’ve got a touch  screen here so.

you start out with what  you typically have this is what people  most people know as a computer an  all-in-one one generation i7 Intel  processor eight gigs ram one terabyte  hard drive with a desk lamp then we add  a touch pad in here as well   multi-touch point 20 inch diagonal  screen whereas this is a 23 inch  diagonal.

this is HD resolution is 1024  by 768 resolution so truly a new way of  interacting over here then we bring this  over here and we’ve got four cameras  built-in an RGB camera an infrared  camera a 3d depth sensor and a 14  megapixel high resolution camera so.

I’m  going to start out over here with an HP  application that was created called  work space so we call this the canvas and  we call this the gallery okay  now what I’m gonna do over here these  caps are captured the butterflies  actually like this butterfly better  and a starfish a lot of the thought told  by about the age of 10 we’re no longer.

creative it’s a special group of people  over here the rest of us are just part  of the norm this allows technology to  work for us as opposed to typical  approach we’re technology are we are  working for technology  okay so capture this.

now actually let me  get one more object  for the record I have no idea what’s  about to happen so I’m really really  interested  okay so we’re including a banana in here  as well and I hit this three seconds get.

my hands out of the way it’s white  trapezoid just occurred at this point I  can actually pick these things up  because it’s a one-to-one capture to  projection holy cow it’s like absolutely.

you can easily flick down pictures that  exist in your gallery which appear over  here now in this case what I want to do  I want to keep the picture of the girl  obviously and get rid of that gray  background okay  what.

I want you to do is count down the  few number of strokes that I’m having to  do this as well as how broad these  strokes are okay so I bring up the  background tool now stroke number one  to  three three strokes of what

I want to  keep that’s the background I want to get  rid of that’s why before that’s my after  this is amazing you know what you know  what I really like about this grape is  that.

I’m kind of like a guy that likes  to use his hands and so this is very  like hands-on absolutely this is some  fantastic technology is this like a  prototype or is it something that’s  gonna come to market it’s actually  available already we released it HP  releases thing in October 29th so it’s  available in the US.

we are actually  rolling it out to other countries this  year as well what exactly is it called  so it’s called sprout by HP sprout by HP  if people want to get more information  about this where do they go sprout com  sprout com  if you’re looking for a new way to  interact with computers

you’re bored  with the keyboard in the mouse  sprout by HP is an excellent solution  especially for those people that like to  use their hands good it thanks a lot

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