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Controlling Computers with Your MIND!

– Three words: telekinetic, cursor, control.  Is your brain ready?  (upbeat energetic music)  It’s a fact that our technology  comes with the residue of our ancestors,  like the computer keyboard resembles a typewriter.  Why? 

I mean why does it look like a mixed up  game of Boggle whenever I want to interact  with my computer, or the computer mouse,  I’m dragging and dropping icons?  That’s like poking papers with a stick on a real desk.  There is a revolution coming in  human-computer interactions and it’s all  (glass shattering) going to amaze you. 

We don’t need the keyboard, we don’t  need a mouse, all we need to do is  enter the digital world directly.  The computer mouse can move in only two dimensions  and it has just one basic action, the click.  Our hands are at least three times better.  I mean, they’re three dimensional, 

they move in three axes, that’s six  degrees of freedom, so we just  keep track of all six using something like  wired up data gloves or 3D stereoscopic cameras,  and then you add voice command and  you’ve got a new command pathway.  We already have voice recognition software  that can understand us about as well  as a wire tap operator, so the next step  is to add natural language processing,  which means that it won’t just  understand pre-programmed keywords, but everyday talk.  Alright, bring me back.  Whoo, tingles. 

Look, gesture and voice control  have already reached the level where  consumers have access to them, which you  probably know if you’ve played with  an Xbox Kinect or ever tried to chat up a lady named Siri.  The goal is to remove as many barriers  between us and data as possible  so that the interaction is natural,  but I can think of something that’s even  faster than voice and gesture.  Can you take a guess?  I’m talking about the brain. 

Alright, get this, scientists are making  batches of cyber monkeys capable  of controlling computers with their brains.  There, I said it.  Now this isn’t just some sort of super villain  plan to take over the world, in fact it’s nothing like that.  It’s actually really cool.  Not only do we get a real understanding  of the cerebral cortex of your average  rhesus monkey, we also have learned  how to create a translation algorithm  so that they could control a cursor on a screen  with their minds, and for humans,  well we’ve created neural implants  that allow quadriplegics to do things  that they haven’t been able to do in years. 

By moving a robotic arm with their mind  they can do things like feed themselves  so that’s pretty awesome.  So if we can use our minds to move a cursor  or a robotic arm, what happens in the future?  Maybe we can use our minds to make  a self-portrait or we can type out  a fan mail to Ray Kurzweil, or we can  create a playlist just by thinking about it.  (energetic rock music)  So much punk.  This is what I’m talking about. 

Removing those barriers, making it  more natural to interact with our technology,  making it organic so it’s just the same  as if you’re cleaning a kitchen counter.  Well now you’re cleaning your hard drive.  Or throwing a ball, well now you’re designing  the next Hadron Collider.  The possibilities are literally limitless.  We can do anything we can put our minds to.  That said, I’m out.  (airy pensive music)

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