About Me

Hey All. Thanks for stopping by. Bet you are equally fascinated as I am and googled how this works or whats inside something to end up here.  I am Kyle Monaghan and I was twelve when I opened up a swiss watch that was gifted to my dad. He never used it but I didn’t know at that time what the commotion was about. I just picked it apart to see whats on the inside I was fascinated and pulled a few bits and pieces out and you guessed it- it stopped running.  Well what followed could be your best guess.

My fascination never stopped- RC controlled cars, plastic toys, action figures- what not- I was always keen on seeing whats on the inside and how things work. Had I kept a log of all the time I picked something apart I could have had a book the size of a dictionary by now.


But I do try to make a log and post now of whatever I get to on the weekend.  I hope you enjoy your time here. If there is something you need to know about my little projects or wanna say hi, hit me up on the contact me page. And check back soon for my next project.

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